Emotional intelligence is “the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others”. As World Economic Forum indicates, emotional intelligence is not only good for your romantic relationships, but it also predicts your workplace performance, making it a critical skill for the future of world economy. And it is a skill that we can learn and improve.

So where are we now, in terms of emotional intelligence in our relationships? Unfortunately not so well: Romantic relationships are shorter than ever – down to 2 years and 9 months. The divorce rates are still significant, up to 70% in some countries.

It costs us a lot when we can’t employ emotional intelligence in our relationships. Break-ups not only negatively impact your physical health, it can alter your brain chemistry. Our performance in work degrades. On top of that,  As Reed Alexander puts it, “Break-ups don’t just break your heart – they can break the bank, too” – we become more irrational in our spendings, and sometimes we may need to spend more on counseling and medication.

In PlusLess, we are on a quest to help couples develop emotional intelligence. Toward this end, we have developed PlusLess – The Couple Harmonizer App. We have worked closely with psychology experts to deliver the best tools for couples to work on their emotional intelligence. For instance, our Question Tank interface allows the partners to discover their dreams, needs, personal quirks with carefully selected questions.

Love Tank is the interface where couples practice expressing appreciation and their emotional needs. The needs come from categories carefully selected with psychology experts. You give your partner Love Points based on your level of satisfaction. And hey, you can even put a hand written message for your partner to read!

On top of expressing emotions deeply and openly, and learning more about your partner, you can also learn about yourself with our Emotional Profile interface. There you will find various self-assessment tests.


We’re in the beginning of the journey, with so many new features coming in. The beta version of our app is out in Google Play Store, and we’re looking for our testers. We appreciate any constructive feedback to improve the user experience.

Come join us! Together, let’s promote emotional intelligence.

With PlusLess, less heartbreak, more love!

Your PlusLess Team – https://plusless.love/